Mont Saint Michel village

Although it is famous for its abbey, let’s not forget that Mont Saint-Michel is also a village with a population of 41 that has been developing along with its religious site since the 10th century.

Entry is via a double access point, passing through the Porte du Boulevard gateway then the Porte du Roy drawbridge. La Grande Rue, lined with many souvenir shops, restaurants and houses from the 15th and 16th centuries, has one particularity: the houses have no numbers, only old names like “La queue du renard” (“The fox’s tail”)…

Yet there are many other paths to explore the village and access the abbey, for example the ramparts walk or the wall-walk, which offer breathtaking views of the bay.

By entering this way, visitors can enjoy the many secluded little gardens, all lovely places for a rest, while the small restaurants and pancake houses make for an even more enjoyable day out.

Drop by the Tourist Office to find information about the Mont as well as guided tours to learn more about this historic site..

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